Using QuikSteel

QuikSteel Epoxy Putty can be used to rebuild, reshape and repair almost any type of surface.  Including steel, iron, copper, brass, bronze, silver, aluminum, exotic metals found in racing bicycles, wood, glass, ceramic, fiberglass, boron, fiber-epoxy products, masonry, concrete, and many types of plastic.

The 500 degrees F (260 degrees C) continuous and 550 degrees F (288 degrees C) intermittent temperature range provides QuikSteel numerous additional applications where high heat is involved.

It’s a putty so the repair can be made in a vertical and horizontal position or overhead. Blue Magic QiukSteel does not run or drip and sets-up in ten minutes.  QuikSteel hardens like steel in fifteen minutes and fully cures in one hour.  It has a hardness more than twice the hardness of pine wood, it can be drilled, sanded, shaped, milled, machined, turned on a lathe, painted – anything that you can do to metal or wood can be done to QuikSteel.

QuikSteel is impervious to chemicals including battery acid and can be used to repair batteries.  So it can be used to make repairs underwater or within fuels and chemicals.

QuikSteel, Using QuikSteel

Automotive Uses for QuikSteel

  • Affix rear view mirror to the windshield
  • Repair leaking gasoline or diesel fuel tanks – steel, polyethylene, and plastic
  • Fix leaking radiators
  • “Weld” water pump, fuel pump, and thermostat housings
  • And cracks in motor blocks, transmission, and differential housings
  • Repair batteries
  • Repair stripped bolts
  • Rebuild body parts and repair dents
  • Rebuild bumpers
  • Repair leaks in fittings and metal tubing
  • Repair holes in mufflers and tailpipes
  • Reattach metal strips and supports

Great for the home! Can be used with electrical work and plumbing

  • Repair leaking water, drain and refrigeration pipes – PVC, copper, iron, steel
  • Leaking water tanks
  • Re-cement, replace, or repair bathroom, kitchen, and pool tiles.
  • Repair and rebuild broken cabinet doors and cabinets
  • Repair broken furniture
  • Fix tools and tool housings
  • Fill-in stripped screw holes
  • Mount towel racks and accessories on ceramic tile